Bachelor Degree in Geoscience, Vancouver Island University, Canada

Post type:-Bachelor

Duration:- 4 years

The BSc Major in Geoscience is a four-year program that will provide students with a broad foundation in the geosciences, drawing upon the expertise and experience of the instructors within the Earth Science and Geography departments at VIU.


  • General admission requirements apply.
  • A minimum “B” grade in either Pre-calculus 12 or Principles of Mathematics 12.
  • A minimum “C+” grade in Chemistry 12. (Some seats for students who have only completed Chemistry 11 with a minimum “C+” grade may be available).
  • Physics 12, or a minimum “C+” in one of Principles of Physics 11 or Applications of Physics 12 is recommended, but not required. 
  • Earth Science 11 and/or Geology 12 are also recommended, but not required.

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