Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation), University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Successful pilots and business people have a lot in common — they are skilled communicators, develop plans for success, assess conditions, and anticipate change. Take your passion for flight to new heights with UFV Aviation’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

You get to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, private pilot’s license, commercial pilot’s license, and several ratings that enable you to fly multiple types of aircraft in varying conditions. Your pilot’s license is in accordance with ICAO standards, meaning you can fly domestically and internationally.

Throughout the program, you take a combination of flight training, aviation theory, and academic courses.

You complete your flight training at an external flight training provider, approved by UFV.

In your first year, you earn your private and commercial pilot’s licenses; in your third and fourth year, you fly multi-engine aircraft, master instrumentation, and specialize with either a Heavy Jet Transport or Professional Flight Instructor option.

Post Type:- Bachelor

Commencing:- Year 2018

Duration:-4 years


     For High school graduates

  1. B.C. secondary school graduation, or equivalent. (Students who have completed a high school equivalency program will also be considered but may have to complete the specific entrance requirements below.)
  2. Prerequisites for MATH 141.
  3. Prerequisites for CMNS 125.
  4. Physics 11 or equivalent, with a minimum of C+.

    Note: Accounting 11 or 12, Physics 12, and second language courses are recommended.

  5. Current Transport Canada Category 1 medical certification.
  6. In addition to the above, applicants must also satisfy an entrance evaluation which includes an interview(s), a qualifying exam, and an assessment of references.

For more information please check here

  How to apply:-

  1. Apply online at International students pay higher application fees and should contact UFV International.                                                           Additional documents required for a complete application:
    • Proof of B.C. secondary school completion or equivalent, and transcript (or interim transcript) showing grade achievement as per entrance requirements.
    • Transcripts showing grade achievement for any post-secondary study.
    • A medical certificate showing a Transport Canada Category 1 Medical.
  2. Apply to Coastal Pacific Aviation at
  3. Qualified applicants will be interviewed by Coastal Pacific during February or March for September enrolment.
  4. After evaluations have been made, interviewed candidates will receive a letter stating the results. Candidates being offered a seat will receive a confirming letter, outlining registration details and starting dates. Prior to acceptance the candidate may be required to provide proof of financial ability to pay for educational expenses.
  5. Any requests for transfer of academic course equivalencies should be made to the Office of the Registrar; requests for transfer of aviation- or flight-related courses should be made directly to Coastal Pacific Aviation.

Please visit program website

For application guidance

Send your CV at, we will guide you step by step in the application process.Please

do mention BBA, University of the Fraser  in the subject line of your email.

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