Bachelor of Forensic identification, Laurentian University, Canada

Post type:- Bachelor


To register, simply fill out the application; if candidate do not have the application form, please request it from Diane Roy. In addition to the application form, a transcript of your Forensic Identification training at the Ontario Police College (OPC) or a letter of attestation from the Canadian Police College (CPC) must be provided. Successful completion of either program guarantees your entrance into the Forensic Identification degree. Candidate Transcript or Letter of Attestation must be sent directly to Diane Roy at Laurentian.

The maximum number of advanced standing credits candidate can receive are 60 credits. candidate are guaranteed a minimum of 42 credits in advanced standing for the training candidate have done in police services. It is very likely that the courses candidate have completed career will enable to earn the full 60 credits of advanced standing. Arrangements will be made to help you overcome any shortfall if that is not the case.

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