Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Post type:- Bachelor

Duration:- 4 years


  1. B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or completion of nine university-level credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all university courses attempted.
  2. Mathematics requirement: one of the following:
    • Pre-calculus 12 or Principles of Mathematics 12 with a minimum grade of B
    • MATH 094/095 with a minimum average grade of B
    • MATH 096 with a minimum grade of B
    • MDPT score of 70% or higher
    • MATH 110 with a minimum grade of C+
    • MATH 111 with a minimum grade of C
  3. Science requirement: one course from one of the following disciplines, with a minimum grade of C+:
    • Biology: Biology 12, BIO 093, or BIO 111
    • Chemistry: Chemistry 12, CHEM 093 (previously offered), CHEM 110, or CHEM 113
    • Geography: Geography 12, GEOG 101, GEOG 102, or GEOG 103
    • Geology: Geology 12 or GEOG 116
    • Physics: Physics 12, PHYS 093, PHYS 100, PHYS 101, PHYS 105, or PHYS 111
  4. English requirement: Applicants must meet the Degree/diploma level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

How To Apply:-

Required Documents

  • A copy of your high school transcript(s) and, if candidate attended a university or college, copies of those transcripts too.  UFV can release a conditional letter of admission based on review of candidate unofficial transcripts. Please note that candidate will be required to provide the official transcripts of high school and university studies before an official letter of admission can be issued.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Candidate English proficiency test results (TOEFL, IELTS, LPI). To get candidate TOEFL iBT score sent automatically to UFV use code 9736 when candidate take the test.

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