Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Post type:- Bachelor

Duration:- 4 years


Course subjectCredit units (cu) required **At uSask
General biology6 cuBiology 120.3 and 121.3
General chemistry3 cuChemistry 112.3
Organic chemistry3 cuChemistry 250.3
English literature and composition*6 cuEnglish 110.6 OR 6 credit units from English 111.3, 112.3, 113.3 and 114.3 OR French 121.3 (or 122.3) and 125.3 OR Literature 100.6
Psychology or Sociology6 cuPsychology 120.3 and 121.3 or Sociology 111.3 and 112.3
Unrestricted electives6 cuAny course with a credit of at least 3 cu
Total credit units30 cu

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