IELTS Classroom Coaching

IELTS Classroom Coaching




Round 1

  • Do you work or study?
  • What is your job?
  • Why did you choose that job?
  • Are there lots of English teachers your city?
  • Do you enjoy your job?
  • Do you get on well with your co-workers?
  • What was your first day at work like?
  • What responsibilities do you have at work?


ROUND 2(Cue Card)

*You should speak for about 2 mins:

Talk about an instance when you were saving money for something.

Please say

– What did you save for?

– How did you do it?

– How long did you have to save money for?


Round 3

  1. What do you think men are the best at saving money for?
  2. How do young people save money?
  3. Why do you think young people save money?
  4. Why don’t most young people want to save money?
  5. What factors are affecting them?
  6. What companies are trying to get people to save money?
  7. Why some people are habitual of spending the money on unnecessary things?
  8. How can we inculcate the habit of saving money?