Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion, Fleming College, Canada

Post type:-Diploma

Commencing:-4th September,2018


OSSD with the majority of credits at the College (C) and Open (O) levels, including:

  • Two College (C) English courses (Grade 11 and Grade 12)

When (C) is the minimum course level for admission, (U) and (U/C) level courses are also accepted.

Recommended High School Courses:

Although not required for admission, these courses will help prepare you for this program;

  • Grade 12 Healthy Active Living Education (O)
  • Grade 12 Exercise Science (U) Grade 11 Math (C)

How To Apply:-

Required documents

  • Post Graduate Certificates:
    All Graduate Certificates require a minimum 15 years of academics in 1st or 2nd Division (Degree or Diploma) PLUS the admission requirements noted for each individual program.
  • Fast Track:
    Students with a minimum of 15 years of academics in 1st or 2nd Division with a diploma in a field related to the Fast Track Program will typically be assessed for Fast Track entry to Year Two (Semester 3). Further advanced standing beyond the Fast Track option may be granted for students with more advanced credentials.
  • Diplomas and Certificates:
    Minimum admission requirements for post-secondary programs is Higher Secondary Certificate or Standard XII with minimum 50% average plus additional requirements noted below.
  • English proficiency:International applicants must meet Fleming College’s English language proficiency requirements in order to gain admission to a study program. See the Language requirementspage for more information.
  • Immunization Requirements
    Specific immunization requirements for each program can be found on the Health Servicespage.

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