Doctoral Positions in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

The values of Aalto University are passion, freedom, courage, sense of responsibility and integrity.

They emphasize the freedom to think independently and to take the initiative. Freedom is the cornerstone of academic thinking. Freedom means the permission, or even responsibility, to ask and question things – but also the willingness to respond and take a stand. Aalto University’s solid expertise in the fields of economics, art and design and technology create a foundation for the most diverse scientific breakthroughs. Scientific special know-how of the highest quality is a prerequisite for excellent multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Aalto University’s mission is to build a better and stronger Finland. Here science and arts meet technology and business. Aalto University was established in 2010 through a merger of three renowned universities in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland. Aalto University is about cross-disciplinary projects and learning in practice. Students are encouraged and supported to excel both in their studies and their future careers. Many of them already have a vast work experience by the time they graduate. Aalto University offers more than 90 degree programmes at bachelor, master and doctoral level, leading to degrees in the fields of technology, business, art, design and architecture. The combination of fields brings a whole new dimension to studying: in addition to the traditional degree options, students can tailor a unique study experience to meet your interests and career goals. Aalto University encourages its students to engage in multidisciplinary projects and practice-oriented learning. The inspiring atmosphere stems from passionate, student-oriented learning that emphasises creativity as well as critical thinking. Aalto University’s graduates are provided with a wide range of skills, valued in positions requiring high-level expertise with 83% of those with a master’s degree finding employment in their field immediately after graduation.

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