Forest Resources Technician Diploma, College of the North Atlantic, Canada

Post type:- Diploma

Duration:- 2 years


High School Graduation Certificate with a 60% overall average in the following (or equivalent):
i. English (2 credits) (minimum 60%) from: 3201 or 3202
ii. Mathematics (4 credits) chosen from:
Advanced:  2200, 3200 (50% minimum in each course)
Academic:  2201 (50% minimum), 3201 (60% minimum)

Students who received a combined average of 70% in high school Academic Mathematics 2201 and 3201, or a pass in both high school Advanced Mathematics 2200 and 3200 can be exempted from Math 1100.  Students must apply for the exemption.

iii. Science – (4 credits) two of which must be chosen from:
Biology: 3201
Physics: 3204
Chemistry: 3202
Earth Systems: 3209
Environmental Science 3205

How to Apply:-

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