International PhD Programme MEDICAL NEUROSCIENCE, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Deadline:- 01. May, 2018       Commencing:- 01. October, 2018                     Post type:- Doctoral

Medical Neuroscience” is one of the five Research Clusters at the Medical University of
Vienna. It is the explicit goal of this call to integrate 16 outstanding researchers working in the
field of neuroscience in many different institutes / departments / clinics in this program. The research focus of the project of this call are all aimed at elucidating crucial molecular
mechanisms of nervous system function in health and disease, with the long term goal to
develop novel therapeutic strategies. The research projects (as described in:, are at various stages of this endeavour;
some are at the stage of basic research to first understand the functional complexity in health,
while other projects already directly target possible treatment strategies. The translational
nature of the program is reflected manifold as for example including discussion of patents in
the Journal Clubs.


In order to be eligible to enrol in the MedUniv Vienna PhD program “Medical Neuroscience” all
candidates are required to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in medicine, biology,
chemistry, bioinformatics, mathematics or any scientific/technical, subject-relevant degree.
Candidates applying with a Bachelor’s degree must have completed a four-year course and
are required to demonstrate that they have acquired a significant amount of research
experience. You have to document that your degree formally qualifies to enter a PhD or
equivalent programme in the country where you have obtained your degree.
Candidates do not need to have completed their degree at the time of application; however,
they must obtain their final degree certificate by the end of July 2018.
The working language at Neuroscience PhD-programme is English, so excellent written and
oral communication skills in English are required.

How To Apply:-

1. The “application_form_MedNeuro_2018”
2. One single PDF consisting of
2.1. Scans of a proof of your doctoral study entrance qualification (English).
2.2. Scans of degree(s) and intermediate certificates, if already obtained (English).
2.3. Scans of transcripts of marks (academic record)
2.4. Certificate of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL)
3. Two recommendations using the form “referee_form_MedNeuro 2018”
The documents must be sent by e-mail to – – by Mai 1,

For more information please visit program website

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