Master in Life Science Research and Development, Leiden University, Netherlands

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  • A BSc degree Life Science and Technology (LST) from Leiden University or TU Delft.
  • Students with a BSc degree in Chemistry, or in a field related to Chemistry, at a different (international) University or HBO Hogeschool, can apply for admission. The Board of Admissions judges each application on the basis of the content of the BSc curriculum and on the grades obtained previously. In general, only students with an outstanding track record and an outstanding research internship will be admitted.
  • As a guideline, HBO students should have obtained their BSc degree within four years with an average final grade of at least 7.5 and a research internship grade of at least 8.0.

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How To Apply:-

Copy of a valid passport or European ID card

Dutch residence permit (if applicable)

Up-to-date CV (résumé)

Motivation letter

Copies of diplomas and transcripts

Language proficiency information

Letters of recommendation

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