MSc in Applied Psychology (Forensic Psychology Stream), Saint Mary’s University, Canada

Saint Mary’s is the second oldest English-speaking and first Roman Catholic initiated university in Canada. The Roman Catholic church founded Saint Mary’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1802. It was established in Glebe House, on the corner of Spring Garden Road and Barrington Street, with the aim of extending educational opportunities for Catholic youth and training candidates for the clergy.

In 1840 the Nova Scotia Legislature bestowed the degree granting charter to Saint Mary’s and eleven years later granted the University formal legal status. Saint Mary’s collapsed in 1883, but was revived in 1903 by Cornelius O’Brien, then Archbishop of Halifax. It reopened as a high school in a new campus on Windsor Street, near the junction with Quinpool Road.

The MSc in Applied Psychology (Forensic Psychology) offers training in a vibrant research-active atmosphere, with a scientist-practitioner approach to the scientific study of human behaviour in the justice system. Forensic psychology focuses on researching aspects of human behaviour directly related to the legal process and applying this knowledge to the legal process. Graduates will leave equipped with skills for either applied work in the justice system or for further PhD-level studies in Forensic Psychology. Faculty will offer a variety of courses, including Forensic Tests and Measurement, Correctional Psychology, and the latest developments in research methods. Our students will apply their learning during a practicum in the field, and through teaching and research assistantships. Students will also conduct and defend their own original research through their Master’s thesis.

Deadline:-  December 15, 2018


  • An honours degree in Psychology (or equivalent)
  • Academic transcript, personal statement, CV, three academic letters of reference, GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, analytical)

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