The position assigned to me is fully funded

It was my dream to get admission in PhD at the foreign university. But I had never tried due to lack of guidance about the exact procedure to get enrolled. I never thought that I can fulfil my desire. Fortunately, I have been provided with exact guidance about its procedure by SARV group.

Mr Ranjeet Verma found numerous PhD programs and guided me that how to apply according to my area of research. SARV group also has improved and polished my interview skill and made me able to explore myself to get success in an interview. In this way, I got step by step assistance from SARV group.

Fortunately, Due to hard work of SARV group, I could able to get enrolled at University of Ferrara, Italy. The program is exactly relevant to my area of research and skills. It is very famous University in Italy. The position assigned to me is fully funded. It is a very big program. I will also get chance to visit the labs in other countries for my research work with extra funding.

Mr Ranjeer Verma also helped me to achieve good band score in IELTS. He also prepared the documentation for admission processes and for the embassy to get visa easily. He also teaches me how to crack embassy interview. He has very vast knowledge about all phases of admission for every country.

I would like to thanks to SARV group for their contribution to making my future brighter. It was a wonderful and fruitful experience of working with SARV Group.