Master in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands

Post type:-Master

Duration:- 1 year

Commencing:- September


  • have earned a Bachelor degree at a Research University (not at a University of Applied Sciences / Professional Education) or demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements for such a degree, and;
  • have sufficient knowledge of Methodology and Statistics (at least 20 EC): introductory and more advanced courses in methods and statistics of psychological research (including psychometrics, multivariate data analysis) and the use of SPSS, and;
  • possess the skills, understanding and knowledge that are required for earning the bachelor’s degree.

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How to Apply:-

  • Copy of a valid passport or European ID card
  • Dutch residence permit (if applicable)
  • CV (résumé):
  • Motivation letter:
  • Letters of recommendation:
  • Copies of diplomas and transcripts
  • Language test results

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